If you have a favorite book or series of books Custom Bound Books will bind (or re-bind) your book in beautiful leather. We prefer to use Nigerian goatskin, but can use calf, pig, or other leathers or exotic skins. Ribbon markers, headbands, matching hand-laid endpapers, gilt-stamping and other options are all characteristics to consider in the creation of your treasured book.

Prices vary with the book and the scope of the work, but generally range from $75 to $185 per book, depending on the type of leather, amount of gilt stamping, etc. A value for your beautiful collection--the result is exquisite!

Your custom bound book is finished in the leather of your choice and you may choose from a selection of hand-laid endpapers, ribbon markers, gilt stamping, spine treatment and other custom considerations.

Normally, your custom made book can be ready for you within 60 days of your order. You are free to select from whatever colors we may have on hand at the time or, if you wish a particular color leather, and/or style we do not have in stock, we can special order it for you within a reasonable time. Colors and styles of endpapers are quite varied. You can pick your own, or we can select a complementary endpaper for your new book.

Many of the items that go into constructing a book of this nature are unique.

For instance, some of the special treatments you might consider in the design of your book are:

—blind embossing —decorative stamping

—rounded corners —gilt page edges

How to Keep Your Leather Book Happy

With proper care your leather book will provide you with a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

Heat and light are two of the worst enemies of fine leather bindings. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods; it will change the color of the leather and deteriorate the the binding. Do not place the book in a location where it will be subject to heat, such as on a shelf above a heat register, or in front of a window. This will speed the destruction of any leather.

Once a year it is recommended to treat the leather with a good leather preservative. Apply a small amount of the leather preservative (we recommend the use of Fredelka Formula and sell it in a 100mg tin--$9.95, or a 250mg jar--$18.95) to a clean cotton rag (or just use your fingers) and work into the pores of the leather. Some leather preservatives react poorly with gilt embossing or the tannins in the leather. If in doubt, take care to avoid getting it on the gold embossing. Once applied on all leather surfaces, set the book up on a table, open, and allow to air dry for 24 hours before putting it back on the shelf.

Ordering Information

A 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering, payment of balance is due upon completion of your book. All payments are in US dollars. We accept Paypal (pay to "heal@christianscience.org") or credit cards with 5 percent surcharge. All books are custom bound by David Keyston. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us for further information at (800) 962-1464, or email us.

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